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    Our home provides a healthy, safe, and supportive environment for successful recovery.

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    We are a community of women working together toward the goal of recovery.

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    Our small community of women is learning what life is like after addiction.

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How We Work

A Work In Progress is a residential sober living and group home for women designed to provide our residents with a place to live while they develop social skills, responsibility, and create a new way life. A Work In Progress aims to be a vital part of each individual's recovery as they pursue and secure their own healthy, successful lifestyle.

A Work In Progress offers sober, safe, and comfortable housing at an affordable price. Our residents are encouraged to participate in 12-step programs or other support groups based on their own needs. A Work In Progress understands the special needs of recovering women and encourages all residents to take responsibility for their lives by:

  • 1st - Following house guidelines.
  • 2nd - Attending group activities.
  • 3rd - Taking one step at a time.

A Work In Progress is owned and operated by recovering addicts and alcoholics. We operate our home with care and compassion while maintaining a structured and supportive environment. Residents must strictly adhere to policies and will participate in random drug and alcohol screenings on a weekly basis. This tight grip emphasizes the importance of sobriety. You don't recover overnight just because you decided to - it takes work and self-control!

While living at A Work in Progress, residents are encouraged to find work, attend school, and participate in social activities outside of the home. House requirements and curfews are flexible and offer our residents the ability to maintain their current occupations, find work with varying hours, or attend classes as needed as pre-arranged with the house manager. If you have any other questions regarding our rules, structure, or policies, please feel free to contact us at (818) 633-1719 or complete the contact form on this page.

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We Need Your Help

A Work In Progress needs your help! It takes a lot of supplies to run our house and we are constantly in need of items to keep our family in supply. Your donations help keep our house running and remove many distractions to recovery. Please consider making a goods donation today to help keep us going! All donations are tax-deductible through our 501(c)3.

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Located in Chatsworth/San Fernando Valley
At the cross of Lassen St. & Topanga Canyon Blvd.

(818) 633-1719

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